Important FAQ

To get to understand most of our key features, follow the guidelines here.

Member Accounts

This refers to your account.

01. Member Accounts

For you to use the application you have to activate one of this plans

The billing process is done depending on the period you choose.

PayBill/Till Number

In this section you will understand how to create and link a paybill/till.

02. PayBill/Till Number

For you to add a paybill/till number you have to provide the credentails provided by safaricom daraja for online integration.

For more information on this kindly contact us via +254748653542

After adding the paybill/till number successfully now it's time to create apps to link your paybill too.


Apps refers to different sectors that you use in your daily business model i.e SHOP A, SHOP B

03. Apps

Create an app and select all the paybill/till number the app should handle.

After successfully adding apps now you can either activate the c2b callbacks or just leave them with the defaults.

Send/Receive Money

Now after having all the above done.

04. Bulk Payments

You can do bulk payments and much more.

Now its possible to manage all your funds at one collection point.