PayBill/Till Number automation doesn't have to be a nightmare.

PAM - PayBill Account Manager now makes it possible for you to manage multiple m-pesa paybill/till number just within the same system.

Create an account

Setup your account using either your business name or any name you prefer. After creating account a 15 day trial version will be activated for you.

Create paybill accounts

Link all paybill/till number to your account depending on the account type.

Create Apps

After linking your paybill/till numbers now its time to create apps and link them to paybills.

Send/Receive Money

After attaching and linking the paybill/till number to apps now it's possible to do bulk payments and receive cash.

Who We Are.

Low Costing

We provide high fintech solutions with low capital for setup and running cost.

Safe & Secure

Our application is build with security as one of the key feature that drive the core application and leverage different other systems.

Live Support

We provide real time support to all our new and ongoing customers.

Automate your business paybill/till number in minutes.

Our solution offers adaptable services to different levels of industries.


Real Estate







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Salary Payments

Pay salaries via our system using the bulk payment feature.

Online Payments

Track all your online paybill/till number transactions in real-time.

Send/Receive Money

Pay or receive money directly.

Centralized Payments

Manage all the payments made to your businesses located in different locations.

Why choose us

This are some of our top most approaches that we have implemented for you.

Payments types

We support different payment types in relation to your paybill/till number, ranging from C2B,B2C and B2B payments.


We provide api's that can be integrated with other applications easily without a hustle i.e providing libraries for the api's pam-library


Our system is integrated with real-time emails/sms that are sent immediately a payment is received/sent.

Support manager

We provide real-time support to any technical issues and also listen to what you have to advice on how better we can make our services.

Security & Account Update

We provide high security level to all the information/payments made to you via our app and also provide real time account update.

Payment invoice & Reports

All payment invoices and real-time reports are provided within the applications for future references.

Graph Analytics

Our application is build with real time graphical representation of how every payment is done.

Centralize Funds

We make it possible to collect your funds in one single account. This makes it possible for you to have a real-time overview of the all transactions.

Our Pricing

Think big and scale fast with the rocket service plan.

Jet Plan

KES1,800.00/ MTH
  1. 0 system users included
  2. 2 paybill/tills included
  3. 1 apps included
  4. 5,000 Free/monthly requests
  5. KES 200 per 500 requests.
  6. KES 0.9 per sms request.
  7. Full System Access
  8. API support
  9. Email support
  10. Free Trial
  11. Help center access
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Rocket Plan

KES2,600.00/ MTH
  1. 2 system users included
  2. 3 paybill/tills included
  3. 4 apps included
  4. 10,000 Free/monthly requests
  5. KES 200 per 700 requests.
  6. KES 0.8 per sms request.
  7. Full System Access
  8. API support
  9. Email support
  10. Free Trial
  11. Help center access

Space Plan

KES15,500.00/ MTH
  1. Unlimited system users included
  2. Unlimited paybill/tills included
  3. Unlimited apps included
  4. 20,000 Free/monthly requests
  5. KES 200 per 1000 requests.
  6. KES 0.6 per sms request.
  7. Full System Access
  8. API support
  9. Email support
  10. Free Trial
  11. Help center access

Customer Reviews

Loved by thousands of customers. This is what people are saying about PAM - PayBill Account Manager.

Never before has launching new paybill/till number been this easy. Integration very smooth..

Steve Mochama

Clients - Software Developer

PAM - PayBill Account Manager gives me the convenience I love while letting me keep full control of my business.

Eric Maina

Clients - General customer

PAM - PayBill Account Manager helps me focus on managing customers instead of funds..

James Ndoria

Clients - General customer

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This is the number one product for automating not only a paybill/till number but the whole business model on a day to day payments.

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